‘Vorfreude’: the joyful, intense anticipation that comes from imagining future pleasures! An extravagant collection, a twisted desire inspired by a group of young New York city dance club personalities, the so called ‘Club kids’. Club kids were notable for their dubious aesthetic values, they were master manipulators, exploiters and partiers. An artistic and fashion-concious youth culture. Sensual women in underground clubs dancing for themselves driving the crowds crazy, seductive dominatrices intimidating the audience, these women are fierce, women in control. Exaggerated silhouettes, vibrant personalities, and startling moves!! Playful minds, real everyday women expressing themselves. A gender-free environment, real freedom , a statement of individuality and sexuality which runs in the gamut, a form of tapping into an inner fabulousness within themselves, bringing it out-fully costumed and ready to party. A show not for everyone to see, in hijack locations… Follow the red light.. Dressing up in ROTS is all about the power within, confidence, the fun in dressing up and FREEDOM. We Encourage and reward experimentation, ignorant of judgmental faces, puritanical minds!! We empower life and we are the change.
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