From 2010, the European Parliament has supported the 28 TIMES CINEMA project which gives the opportunity to 28 young film-lovers, selected through the cinemas of the Europa Cinemas Network, to represent each of the 28 European Countries at the Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica. Hosted in Venice for the duration of the Festival, these young viewers (all aged between 18 and 25) attend the Festival's and the LUX FILM PRIZE’s screenings, participate in debates and practical workshops. These meetings, held at the Venice Days, involve directors, authors, film professionals and Members of the European Parliament. You can find recordings of the meetings, articles, pictures and interviews on the official Cineuropa's blog. The 28 TIMES CINEMA doesn't span the usual duration of a Film Festival: every year the experience shared in Venice transforms these young cinephiles into European ambassadors, it makes them more aware of the resourcefulness of European cultural diversity and eager to promote it in their own countries.
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